playing in the car

Road trips are some of the most enjoyable forms of travel. But sometimes, keeping yourself entertained through miles and miles of open road can be a bit of a challenge. The following games will help you maintain your sanity without using cellphones.

  • Name the tune:

For those with an ear for music, name the tune makes a great road trip game. You can use the radio in the car or the stereo system to shuffle a song list, and the winner of the game is the one who correctly guesses the name of the song first. Bonus points for saying the name of the artist and release year!

  • Spin a tale

Spin a tale is a game that involves coming up with a story, one sentence at a time. Every participant can say only one sentence and the story must be connected to the previous sentences.

  • Did you hear that?

If the players keep track of current events you can play “Did you hear that?”. It involves trying to fool an opponent into believing something that did not happen. You can use everything from serious news to pop culture!

And you, what is your favorite road trip game?