a lion waking up lion
Photo: Jerry and Pat Donaho – https://www.flickr.com/photos/donahos/

We all know that waking up early gives you the advantage of being on schedule with the rest of the world. But for many people waking up before 12pm is easier said than done. Given below are ways to wake up early and seize the day:

  • Prepare yourself mentally:

Getting up early is a mental battle, and you would not be able to do it if you are not convinced that you need to get out of the warm bed. As you are trying to sleep the previous night, tell yourself that you need to wake up early next morning. Mentally go through all the tasks that need to be completed as you are drifting off to sleep.

  • Keep the curtains half open:

The body is programmed to wake up when you sense sunshine in your surroundings. Use it to your advantage and keep the curtains half open before you fall asleep.

  • Keep the alarm clock far away from the bed

Keeping the alarm clock out of hand’s reach will force you to get up out of bed, even when you intend to hit the snooze button. And by the time you reach the clock, you are already wide awake!