leohersanthereHi! My name is Leonardo. I work as a computer technician at the CSDM. I’m also a student from Concordia University and UQAM in the software engineering program.

My objectives are to have a challenging position as an analyst web programmer, while enhancing my proven leadership abilities and dedication to a motivated team.

I have a solid knowledge in several computer programming languages and in the field of network architecture, but I’m more attracted to web technologies.

I also like to read about computers and novels, but lately I’m developing a taste for management, economics and marketing. My favorites hobbies are to play guitar and chess, but I’m also like go to the movies and restaurants. I’ve traveled to several places of the world, but most important I have friends all over the world.

In this blog I will try to write about everything. This is a Canadian so blog I will be posting in the two official Canadian languages (English and French). 

I hope you’ll find this site fun and useful to you.

Best wishes!


je m’appelle Rony Je suis un passionné du marketing et des bonnes relations. J’aime découvrir de nouvelles choses et de nouvelles personnes; les connaître c’est ce qui me motive dans le marketing. Je vous invite à nous suivre sur lrdiffusion.com. LR Diffusion est un site dédié à la publication d’articles sur diverses thématiques telles que la santé, la cuisine, le bien-être, la mode, l’économie, la technologie, la culture, le voyage, etc.  Ce blog propose aussi des astuces, des conseils et des outils pouvant être utiles pour tous.

Bonne visite!