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The following explains how lrdiffusion.com uses personal user data to ensure the proper functioning of lrdiffusion.com website.

The respect of this privacy policy is part of the contract of lrdiffusion.com to adequately protect user’s personal data. lrdiffusion.com will never disclose or sell your personal data such as name, address, bank accounts, phone or email without your consent unless being required by law. However, information posted through ads by users on lrdiffusion.com website is exposed to public. lrdiffusion.com is not responsible for our website’s user confidential information posted through an ad. We advise you to be careful with the information included when adding your listings. lrdiffusion.com provides an email interface to secure information between users without having to disclose sensitive data.

Here is the kind of information collected in lrdiffusion.com to improve the user’s experience:

Connection files

As most of the websites lrdiffusion.com collects connection files, which include your IP address (your computer address), your ISP (internet service provider), browser name, time of connection on lrdiffusion.com website, consulted pages on your visit.


lrdiffusion.com uses ‘cookies’ to collect information such as your personal preferences to make the use of the website easier. You can completely or selectively disable this ‘cookies’ on your browser parameters. You can also check the parameters of an external program such as antivirus to disable cookies. Deactivation or deletion of ‘cookies’ does not guarantee that advertisements or any parameter of the website will be permanently disabled. Also some “cookies” could be reactivated on the next visit of the website.


lrdiffusion.com uses third party advertisements to support the site. Some data could be sent to advertisers when clicking on advertisements. Data could be gathered explicitly or anonymously to customize advertising content or to improve user’s searches.

“Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR § 255.5: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


lrdiffusion.com collects your email in order to link your account to the username that you chose when subscribing. This is necessary to track records for monetary transactions online. If you put false information , then it would be more difficult to track your transactions. It is recommended to put your real name in your account profile , although this is not necessary.

Personal profile data

Users can modify or delete personal information to protect their identity and publish ads safer, but keep in mind that you will need at least one valid email address in order to be contacted by potential buyers. You can also request for a change of information in personal profile data, however a small fee may apply.

Deleted accounts

lrdiffusion.com erases all user’s data when they delete their accounts. This includes personal data and announcements. However, lrdiffusion.com reserves the right to keep information from some accounts to protect all users of lrdiffusion.com from malicious users. lrdiffusion.com keeps personal data as far as is permitted by law to settle any disputes between users or to enforce our site policies.

Data transfer to third parties

According to user’s actions our website may transfer data to third parties, such amazon, PayPal, google or other companies. You may be asked to create an account for these websites in order for you to access their services. Transactions made outside lrdiffusion.com limits are not controllable by us and we are not responsible for what is beyond our reach.


lrdiffusion.com may send you offers , contests , rebates or other information within newsletters for a better service. By subscribing to our newsletters you accept to receive emails from lrdiffusion.com. At any time, you can cancel our newsletter. This privacy policy was adopted on March 15, 2014 . If the user does not agree with this policy, then lrdiffusion.com can not make the user to benefit from its services. In this case the user may close its account or the user can contact lrdiffusion.com to cancel the user account.

Note: lrdiffusion.com may change this privacy policy in order to better inform its customers and prohibit any suspicious activity to ensure site performance and safety.

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